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VM Loader 1033LX


VM Loader 1033LX / C is built around the same machine as 1026LX. The difference is that with this version will have more horsepower and the ability to opt LXC model with closed cabin.


As a VM Loader 1026LX, VM Loader 1033LX works well in agriculture and construction. If you need extra horsepower or a closed cabin, choose this loader.

1033LX infofoto1


All our VM Loader models come with a comprehensive package of standard equipment. VM Loader 1033LX / C has as standard equipment h· Hydraulic quick change, tool hydraulics joystick, complete lighting and 24.5 kw / hp 33 and 3 cylinder Kubota engine.


Through the acquisition of VM Loader 1033, 1036 and 1050 you have the opportunity to choose between a model with open (LX) or closed (LXC) cabin. Both models comply with EU regulations on improved worker safety by machine guidance.

1050LX cabin monkey

It comes VM Loader LX models with a specially developed open booth that meets EU requirements 2006 / 42 / EC on the safety of the machine. Do you work with an open cab, you go why not compromise on the high security. The open interior is designed so as to ensure maximun safety measures while the track is maintained during operation of the machine.

1050LXC cabin closed

Closed insulated cabin can be purchased from the VM Loader LXC models. The specially developed closed cabin complies with EU regulations 2006/42 / EC and ensures a high level of safety as well as increased working comfort. The integrated climate system is standard in the closed LXC cabin and is therefore suitable for outdoor work regardless of the season. The cabin is designed to ensure that you have a 360 degree view from the machine's cabin at all times. This ensures uncompromising maneuvering of your work tools and optimal view of your work area.


Make your VM Loader mini loader multifunctional with the wide range of tools from our VM Loader Implement Program. Implement program includes specially developed shovels, handles, brooms, forks etc. With the right tools, you can perform different tasks with only one loader and customize your VM Loader, so it can work accurately based on your business needs.

implement attachment joystick function


Implement program for VM Loader is designed so that it allows tool changes without leaving the cab of the machine - easily and comfortably by using the tool hydraulics load the joystick and VM Loader hands-free implement attachment.


By the purchase of a VM Loader always included VM Loader warranty and solid service

1 year warranty

3 year warranty on chassis

It is important for us to ensure our customers a solid top-quality service. Therefore, our service built around
a stable spare parts and skilled service personnel.


VM Loader is a loader brand developed by Vinderup Machinery A / S in cooperation with our manufacturer. The development of VM Loader loader program has been ongoing since 2011, the first VM Loader was introduced in Denmark. In developing the loader program has been important to build loaders around European technology and components, which are characterized by high quality and performance.

Likewise, the goal was to create multifunctional loaders for diverse applications - with high quality and performance as the main pointers. With VM Loader you get a quiet, reliable and flexible partner with high performance. Quite simply a quality loader at a price that can withstand any comparison.


  • reliable labor
  • Quality at reasonable prices
  • Flexibility in work opportunities
  • High productivity and performance
  • High level of service

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